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  • Vanee Harichandran

First Time Buyers

You as a buyer will consider many aspects when purchasing your home such as the appearance and cost of your home.  However, buying a home is much more complicated, and you will need the help of many professionals along the way to complete the process.  These professionals include, amongst others lawyers.

Once you have found your perfect home, the first thing you should do is hire a lawyer.  The cost of hiring a lawyer is only a small fraction of how much you spend on purchasing a home. 


First and foremost forward a copy of your agreement of purchase and sale to your lawyer.  In fact the sooner you send your agreement to a lawyer who will help you close your deal the better.  This can be done even when you are contemplating signing an offer to purchase, so that your lawyer can advise and guide you early on about what you are signing.  This is very critical if you are thinking of purchasing a pre-construction property with a builder, in which case you have a short timeframe to inspect the contract with a lawyer. 



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